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Mass Save Part II: Homeowners’ Experiences

Last week we introduced you to the Mass Save home energy efficiency program and the potential savings for homeowners like you. To give an idea of what a Mass Save experience could be like, we consulted with two homeowners near and dear to the Dwell360 family who have made upgrades made to their homes through this program.

Alerica Aylward, a resident of West Roxbury and the Director of Operations of Dwell360, recently made renovations to her home using Mass Save:

I was shocked by how easy it was to improve my home’s energy efficiency through Mass Save. When we purchased our 3 bedroom home last year, our inspection revealed the attic was under-insulated. In the winter of 2013, we could feel the cold draft in the bedroom with the attic hatch. By the following Fall, we knew we wanted to add more insulation, so I called Mass Save.

On October 16, 2013 our energy audit was completed, taking about one hour of my time. During the appointment, the auditor tested our heating systems and inspected our insulation. He then installed one new programmable thermostat, a Smart 6-outlet powerstrip on our TV, and energy efficient lightbulbs for free throughout the house! He even provided me with a rebate for the full cost of the second thermostat that we had recently replaced on our own.

The freebies made it worth my time, but next came the best part - the auditor printed out a report of improvement recommendations and the quotes for completing them. Mass Save offered to perform air sealing, add exterior door weather stripping, and add a door sweep - a service worth $508 - completely free of charge.  Additionally Mass Save recommended adding 7” of open blow cellulose insulation, damming, and a thermal hatch barrier to our attic - which should have cost of $882 - but would only be $221 cost to me.

I paid the deposit and in a few weeks I was called by a Mass Save recommended contractor to schedule the work at our convenience. On December 21, the contractors arrived to complete the contract, and they were courteous and kept their work clean. They left a certificate in the basement for the Mass Save inspectors to verify their work - which was done in March. By then we had been enjoying the benefits of a much less drafty house for a couple months.

That’s it. There were no hidden fees or any real effort on my part! In total, we paid only $221, saving more than 84% on these improvements, not including how much we will continue to save on our utility bills because our home is more energy efficient.

I can’t believe that so few home owners I speak to have utilized this program - everyone should call today if you haven’t already!

John Lynch, a resident of Needham and Co-Founder of Dwell360, also upgraded his home’s energy efficiency through Mass Save:

In February 2014, not long after moving into our new home, my 5-year-old son asked me, “Is there a window open in here?” There was not, so I decided  to call Mass Save!

I experienced many of the same benefits as Alerica when I completed my Mass Save Home Energy Audit on April 7, 2014. My auditor also confirmed that my home did not have insulation in the walls. Mass Save provided me with a quote for adding 4” dense pack cellulose insulation to all of our exterior walls, 7” open blow cellulose insulation in the attic, thermal barrier to our attic stairs, damming, airsealing, door sweeps, and weather stripping. To complete $4984 worth of improvements, I paid just $1396!

The contractors completed the job well, removing strips of siding from the exterior of the house in order to blow in the new insulation. The siding was replaced, and my home is noticeably less drafty. The process was easy and my family will be cozy heading into another New England winter.

Still not convinced? Check out our blog next week outlining some of Mass Save’s financing opportunities - including 0% interest on making energy efficient improvements to your home.

John Lynch with Dwell360 is a REALTOR® who services the cities and suburbs of metro Boston. By offering information on resources like MassSave, we hope to help our clients contribute to the environment and save money in their current residences or future homes.  Search for homes in Massachusetts and then give John a call.