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Tenant Plan

Why Rent with a REALTOR®?

  • REALTORS® have industry tools, local resources, market insight, and a professional network to broaden your search results.
  • Landlords prefer to rent to tenants with an agent, because they have already pre-qualified you, thus giving you a better chance of getting the home you desire.
  • Your REALTOR® will handle all of the tedious tasks, such as searching for properties and scheduling appointments, making the process less time consuming for you.
  • Your REALTOR® will vet properties for you, trying to eliminate properties that just do not fit your search criteria.
  • When relocating to a new area, it is very helpful to work with an experienced REALTOR® who knows the area, what is available, and the local amenities, transportation, etc.
  • Your REALTOR® can assist you with obtaining information about deadlines and application competition, giving you an advantage in leasing a place you like in the highly competitive rental market of metro Boston.
  • REALTORS® have knowledge about rental applications and experience with leases, so they can guide you through the myriad of required rental documents.

As your REALTOR®, the Dwell360 team can manage every aspect of your search for the perfect rental, from the first showing to the lease signing.  A renter will be faced with a maze of forms and contracts; it only makes sense to work with an experienced professional who knows well our local communities and the process of acquiring a rental in metro Boston.


1. Find a Great Agent

The importance of working with a great real estate agent cannot be underestimated.  It is important to establish a relationship with an agent who understands your needs and who you feel confident working with.  Dwell360’s REALTORS® always put our clients first.

2. Initial Search Criteria

You and your agent will discuss what is most important to you in a rental property, including budget, number of bedrooms, location, transportation needs, and amenities.  Do you have pets?  Do you need parking?  Bear in mind that your budget might restrict you from getting everything on your wishlist, but your REALTOR® will help you find the right home in your budget!  

3. Look at Properties

Once you and your REALTOR® identify properties of interest, your agent will make all the arrangements necessary to visit the homes.  If you’re not in town, your Dwell360 agent can even tour the properties live with you via Skype or Facetime!  

4. Rental Fee Disclosure

When you meet, your agent will ask you to sign a Rental Fee Disclosure.  This document is a way for the agent to make sure they get compensation for the hard work they put into finding you the next place to call home. It explains that you will be responsible for an agreed upon fee for any property that your agent takes you to see.  In most cases, the fee is equal to one month’s rent and is not due until the lease is signed.  If you do not end up renting any of the viewed properties, you will not owe a fee.  You are not legally obligated to sign the disclosure, however that might compromise your working relationship with your agent. 

5. Choose a Rental

Finding your next home might take a few tours.  Try to approach each rental with a fresh eye.  Once you see the right place, be sure to act quickly, because the rental market in the greater Boston area can be highly competitive.  Your agent will ask you to bring your check book and a completed rental application with you whenever you visit a property—that way if you find something you love, you’ll be prepared to jump on it!

6. Rely on Your Trusted Advisor

Trust in a working relationship is the most important ingredient.  Throughout the process of renting a property, turn to your agent for honest feedback and advice.  Experienced real estate agents, like those at Dwell360, will be reliable and provide responsive service whenever you need it.

7. Apply for a Rental

You, and any roommates over 18 years old, will be required to fill out a standard rental application, and will likely be asked to supply proof of employment, show proof of available funds, and pay a credit check fee.  It is important to provide accurate contact information for your former landlords and your references (not family members).  You will also provide a deposit of one month’s rent, and this check will only be cashed if your application is approved.

8. Sign the Lease

Once your application is approved, your REALTOR® will guide you through the lease signing.  You will be provided with a standard rental lease, lead law notification, and any additional provisions outlined by the landlord.  Prior to signing, be sure to read the lease carefully and ask your agent if you have any concerns.  You will also be required to furnish the remaining funds due, typically including the security deposit, last month's rent, and any other fees.  Once you and your landlord both sign the lease, you are legally bound to the property and obligated to pay monthly rent.  Don’t forget to arrange how you will obtain the keys to your new home!

9. Move In!

Don’t forget that your REALTOR® can advise you on any further issues that might arise during and after your move.  And as the end of your lease approaches, your Dwell360 REALTOR® is available to you as a real estate expert—whether to help you negotiate a new lease or to find your next home!

 John Lynch with Dwell360 is a REALTOR® who services the cities and suburbs of metro Boston. He is focused on his customers and his experience in the residential real estate market is extensive. Search for homes in Massachusetts and then give John a call.