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Find Your Family’s Dream School

Many families choose the town they call home by starting with one key factor: the school district. But everyone has different priorities when it comes to choosing the best school for their children, and tracking down all of the data on different districts can be exhausting.

That’s where the Dreamschool Finder comes in.  First, choose your Boston metro region and the grade level of your children. Then allocate 100 points based on the importance of the following categories to your family: Mathematics Growth, English Language Arts Growth, School Climate, College Readiness, School Resources, and Diversity. Presto! The Dreamschool Finder ranks schools in order of how they match your criteria and presents all the data in a simple chart. 

The tool was created by a collaboration of the Boston Globe and professors from College of Holy Cross, utilizing public record data from the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Read about the methodology here.

The site explains, “There is no perfect way of measuring a school's success, and part of that is because we expect different things from schools. That's the premise behind the Dreamschool Finder. Allocate points to what you think is important, and we will generate a ranking.”

So find your dream school, then call John Lynch. He is a REALTOR® with the local knowledge to help you find your next dream home in that district!