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The Perfect Open House

Before a buyer makes a decision on your home, he or she will likely want to attend an open house event. Here are a few steps you can take to make your open house a perfect marketing strategy.

Stay Away During the Open House

One important thing to remember when your real estate agent is hosting an open house is to stay away during the event. Nothing deters interested buyers from asking important questions or taking the time to explore the home thoroughly than a homeowner lurking in the vicinity. Your real estate agent can handle the open house, putting your best foot forward when he or she greets potential buyers and answers questions about your home.

Pleasant Aromas

One of the first things that interested buyers will notice upon entering your home is the smell. A bad aroma such as mold, mildew, or pet odors can create a lasting negative impression for the house as a whole. You can solve this problem by lighting scented candles, investing in odor eliminating spray or antibacterial spray, or purchasing air fresheners that plug into your home's wall outlets. A real estate agent trick that is commonly used to create a pleasant home aroma is to place a few drops of vanilla extract and cinnamon in a baking dish in your oven. As the vanilla and cinnamon become warm, a delicious and inviting smell will drift through your home.

The Right Lighting

The right lighting can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your home's interior. If the open house is during daylight hours, be sure that blinds and window coverings are drawn back and raised to allow natural light to filter into your house. If the open house is at night, turn on the lights in your home to illuminate the space. Pay special attention to dark corners within your house. A lamp in a gloomy area can enliven the space and make it feel inviting.

Getting Visitor Information

It's also crucial to collect visitor information from those who stop by your open house. Your real estate agent should record contact information for interested home buyers, and will be able to make follow-up calls or send follow-up emails. Often, this secondary contact can help convince a buyer to take a second look at your home.  Even if they are not interested in purchasing your house, visitors can provide your agent with important feedback that can help you to better market your home going forward. 

The open house is a crucial part of the sale process, so it's important to invest some time and energy into making the walk-through event as seamless and beneficial as possible. Together with your real estate agent aim to create an environment that will make your buyer feel comfortable.

John Lynch with Dwell360 is a REALTOR® who services the cities and suburbs of metro Boston. He is focused on his customers and his experience in the residential real estate market is extensive. Search for homes in Massachusetts and then give John a call.