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Easy Projects to Upgrade Your Boston Area Home’s Curb Appeal

The front of your home is the first element that interested buyers see when they come for a visit and tour, particularly as we move into the warmer Spring weather. This is often referred to as "curb appeal." If your metro Boston home doesn't have good curb appeal, consumers may make a negative decision about their intentions before they even cross the threshold.

Mow and Edge the Lawn

Caring for your front lawn is the simplest and most effective way to increase the curb appeal of your entire home. Remove limbs and leaves from your lawn, so that only the grass is left. Be sure that your grass is green and growing. If you have bare patches or brown patches in the lawn, invest in fertilizer and new seed to fill them in. Keep your lawn mowed at least once a week. For added cleanliness and visual appeal, edge your lawn to achieve clean, sharp lines. These small aesthetic changes make a big difference.

Add Color with Flowers

One of the best ways to increase the curb appeal and overall value of your home is to add pops of color and life through the addition of planted flowers. Flower beds are charming, and they can help to make your home appear lived in and cared for. Choose flowers in complementary colors, and stick to just two or three bloom types to avoid the "jungle" appearance. Flower beds on either side of the walkway, around a mailbox, at the bottom of a set of steps, or in window boxes on the front of the home can add the perfect touch. Just be certain to keep these flower beds well maintained. An overgrown bed with dying flowers will accomplish the opposite of what you intend.

Paint the Front Door

If you have a porch that sinks into the house rather than popping out invitingly, consider adding a pop of bright color to your front door. Painting the door a bright, fashionable color will let consumers know exactly where the entrance to your home is. It can also bring new life to a tired façade, and it will attract attention to casual drivers by and ultimately a prospective buyer.

Add Decorative Elements

If you really want to increase curb appeal, consider adding decorative elements to the outside of your home. Shutters, for example, can frame windows and add dramatic pops of color. Hanging flower baskets on a front porch, a brick frame around a mailbox, or the addition of a trellis or pergola can create charm where none previously existed. Each add value to the home and keep within the image and style of Massachusetts homes in your neighborhood.

The curb appeal of your home is an important part of obtaining the best price for your home. Send a picture of your home to our real estate team and we can provide some curb appeal suggestions.

John Lynch with Dwell360 is a REALTOR® who services the cities and suburbs of metro Boston. He is focused on his customers and his experience in the residential real estate market is extensive. Search for homes in Massachusetts and then give John a call.